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Welcome To The World Of Marvel Path Lab, Where Your Health And Well-Being Are Our Top Priorities. We Are Your One- Stop Destination For All Types Of Blood Tests, Offering A Comprehensive Range Of Diagnostic Services That Empower You To Take Charge Of Your Health. With a commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and customer care, Marvel Path Lab is here to Provide You With Reliable Insights Into Your Body's Inner Workings.

Our Services:

At Marvel Path Lab, We Understand That Every Individual's Health Journey Is Unique. That's Why We Offer An Extensive Array Of Blood Tests To Cater To Your Specific Needs From Regular Health Assessments To Specialized Examinations, We Have Your Needs Comprehensively Addressed:

Basic Health Panel:

Our Basic Health Panel Includes Essential Tests Like Complete Blood Count (CBC), Blood Glucose Levels, And Lipid Profile, Offering You A Holistic View Of Your Overall Health.

Specialized Tests: 

For Those requiring more targeted insights, we Offer A wide Range Of Specialized Tests Such As Thyroid Function Tests, Liver function tests, and Kidney Function Tests.

Wellness Profiles:

Our Comprehensive Wellness Profiles Delve Deeper Into Your Health, Covering Areas Such As Cardiac Health, Diabetes Management, And Nutritional Status.

Infectious Disease Tests: 

Stay Informed About Your Immunity With Tests For Infectious Diseases Like Hepatitis, HIV, And More.

Cancer Markers: 

Early Detection Is Key. Our Cancer Marker Tests Aid In The Timely Identification Of Potential Risks, Allowing For Proactive Measures.


Why Choose Marvel Path Lab:



Our State-Of-The-Art Laboratory Equipment And Stringent Quality Control Measures Ensure Accurate And Reliable Results You Can Trust.

Expert Team:

 Our Team Of Experienced Medical Professionals And Technicians Are Dedicated To Providing You With The Highest Standard Of Care.


With Multiple Collection Centers Strategically Located, Getting Your Tests Done Has Never Been Easier.

Timely Reporting:

 We understand the Importance Of Time When It Comes To Healthcare. Receive Your Test Results Promptly Through Our Secure Online Portal.

Privacy and Confidentiality: 

Your Privacy Matters To Us. We Strictly Follow Stringent Confidentiality Procedures To Ensure The Protection Of Your Private Data.

Healthy Living Tips:

In Addition To Our Testing Services, Marvel Path Lab Is Committed To Promoting Overall Well-Being. Check Out Our Magazine's "Healthy Living" Section For Expert Tips On Maintaining A Balanced Lifestyle, Managing Stress, And Making Informed Dietary Choices.

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At Marvel Path Lab, We Believe That Knowledge Is The First Step To A Healthier You. With Our Comprehensive Blood Tests And A Dedication To Your Well-Being, We're Here To Empower You On Your Health Journey. Trust Marvel Path Lab For Accurate Insights And A Brighter, Healthier Future.