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About Us

We Pride Ourselves As Indias swiftest Progressing Pathology Laboratory, Combining Cutting - edge Technology And Advanced Diagnostics To provide A Comprehensive Range Of Tests Across Nine Major Departments. Marvel Path Lab Stands At The Forefront, Offering A Complete Solution For All Your Pathology needs. At Marvel Path Lab We Offer:- 

* Pathology Services

* Health Packages

* Genomic Testing

* Hormone Testing

Marvel Path Lab Is Under The Guidance And Supervision Of A Team of Accomplished And Dynamic Technocrats Who Possess Expertise In The Field Of Pathology. Our Laboratory Is Furnished With State-Of-The-Art, Cutting-Edge Machinery And Automated Accessories, Guaranteeing Flawless Outcomes With A 100% Accuracy Rate.

* With Unwavering Dedication To Swiftness And Precision, We Proudly Positioned Ourselves As The Pioneering Laboratory In India to introduce a state-of-the-art IT system, enabling round-the-clock operations.

* Our Arsenal Encompasses Cutting-Edge, Automated Technology And Infrastructure, Allowing Us To Reach Unparalleled Levels Of Excellence And Deliver Results Of The Utmost Quality.

* Marvel Path Lab Strives To Equip Attending Physicians With Precise And Invaluable Insights Contained Within Test Reports, Enhancing Their Ability To Diagnose And Administer Appropriate Treatments. We Firmly Uphold The Belief That Each Test Report Should Be Meticulously Accurate, Serving As An Indispensable Tool In Facilitating The Correct Course Of Treatment And Expediting The Recovery Process For Patients.

Your Health Is Important To Us

* At The Core Of Our Mission Lies The Facilitation Of Precise And Suitable Treatment For Doctors And Patients Alike. By Offering Our Expertise In Diagnosing Specific Medical Conditions, We Empower Healthcare Professionals And Individuals To Embark On a Path Of Accurate And Effective Treatment.

* Our Unwavering Commitment Extends To Being Accessible At All Times, Ensuring Our Patients Receive Unparalleled, Evidence-Based Diagnostic Proficiency That Is Grounded In The Latest Advancements Of The Field.

Our Mission

* Accurate Reports On Time Every Time.

* Laboratories Play A Crucial Role In The Holistic Journey Of A Patients Treatment Process.

* The Laboratories Are Furnished With Cutting-Edge, Fully Automated Technology And Infrastructure, Designed To Attain Unparalleled Levels Of Excellence.

What Makes Us Different:-

Unique Concept:- Our testing laboratory stands at the forefront, boasting advanced technology and top-of-the-line equipment. It has been meticulously designed to adhere to internationally acclaimed standards, leaving no room for compromise.

Unique Focus:- Marvel Path Lab specializes in the field of clinical chemistry and is dedicated to the accurate diagnosis of preventive care.

Unique Operations:-Round the clock, our laboratory toils relentlessly, striving to meet the demands of our esteemed clientele


Stay Updated On The Latest Developments Regarding Covid-19 Through Our Reliable Information Channels. Our Exclusive Covid-19 Collection Centers Are Readily Accessible For Testing Purposes. We Offer Cutting-Edge Real-Time RT-PCR And Antibody Tests To Combat The Transmission Of The Virus. Additionally, We Extend Our Services To Include Convenient Home Sample Collection For Covid-19 Testing.

Accredited For Superior Quality

* NABL Accredited Lab

* ICMR Approved Lab

Our Strengths:- 

Cost:-  Marvel Path Lab Operates At Peak Optimization, Exhibiting Exceptional Efficiency And Seamless Automation To Guarantee Superior Services. Through Their Meticulous Management Of Resources Including Personnel, Materials, And Machinery, They Consistently Deliver Unparalleled Quality While Maintaining Unbelievably Affordable Costs.  

Quality And Technology:-

Marvel Path Lab Maintains Stringent Internal Quality Control Measures On A Daily Basis And Actively Engages In External Proficiency Testing Programs Conducted By Esteemed Nodal Institutions. This Commitment Ensures That The Laboratory Consistently Delivers Dependable, Precise, And High-Quality Test Results.

Marvel Path Lab Specialties

Lab Provides Testing Facilities In the Following Fields:-

    *Tumor Markers
    *Hormone Assays
    *Clinical Pathology
    *Microbiology, Serology, and Immunology
    *Hemoglobin HPLC
    *Allergic Testing
    *HLA LAB -Typing & cross matching
    *Microbiology – BSL III LAB
        TB – AFB Culture, Hains 1st line & 2nd line, TB PCR
        Fungal Culture
        Anaerobic Culture
        Molecular Biology